My latest book Comstock, a stand alone novella, is now available from Torquere Books. Here’s the link.

Here’s what reviewer Kiernan Kelly had to say about Comstock:

Reggie Grayson is an actor with the San Francisco Shakespeare Company, traveling to Virginia City for an engagement at Piper’s Opera House. The year is 1883, and stagecoach isn’t the safest mode of transportation, as Reggie finds out when the stage is robbed en route to Virginia City. The gentleman thief relieves Reggie of his keepsake pocket watch, as well as his coin purse.

In Virginia City, things take a turn for the better when Reggie discovers he has a secret admirer, and his stolen pocket watch reappears.

Aaron Michaels has written a fabulous period story set in the American West. Michaels’ exquisitely drawn settings and characters immediately place the reader squarely in the middle of Virginia City. From the rich and gilded upper class to the miners who toil in unspeakable conditions underground, the society of Virginia City at the time is deftly shown, as is life onstage for the troupe of actors.

Even more powerful is the love affair between Reggie and his newfound love, Cole. The reader feels not only the lovers’ trepidation, but also the strength of their respective characters as they keep to the shadows, always afraid of being found out, and struggle to overcome a hard truth that rises between them.

Comstock is an extraordinary historical tale, full of mystery and intrigue, and a love affair destined to live on after the last page is turned.

Comstock is available for $3.95US.