New Release Just in Time for Halloween!


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I’ve got a brand new story in Haunted Hotties, Volume 1, out just in time for trick or treat!  Would you look at that lineup of authors on the cover?  Awesome, right?

Haunted Hotties includes my sexy story “Haunted Honeymoon,” all about newlyweds Dylan and Jake who decide to spend a non-honeymoon honeymoon in a quirky little motel on the Oregon coast. Dylan doesn’t believe in ghosts, so the motel’s scary reputation doesn’t bother him.  But a hot weekend with his new husband at this particular getaway might just change his mind.

But that’s not all!  The publisher of Haunted Hotties has a great coupon deal going through the end of October.  Just click on the link and enter the code spooky15 for a 25% discount on the cover price.  But hurry — the discount is only good through October 31st!

And if you’re looking for more hot and scary stories, check out my collection Bump in the Night.

bumpinthenight200x300Bump in the Night includes four of my favorite sexy, scary, and romantic stories:  Billy and the Ghosts, Bound by Blood, Dream Lover, and Haunted.  Best of all, the 25% discount code spooky15 applies to Bump in the Night as well, but remember — it’s only good through October 31st.

Happy Halloween!


New Release


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cover webI’m thrilled to be a part of Active Duty, edited by Neil Plakcy.

Available now, Active Duty includes my story “New Dog, Old Tricks.”  Here’s a sample to wet your whistle:

One mile into the run, the pack felt like a lead weight on Gideon’s back. After two miles, he felt like he’d strapped one of those ridiculous little Smart cars onto his shoulders. His entire upper body ached with the strain of carrying the heavy backpack, and he was sucking wind like he hadn’t done since he first decided to go out for track in high school.

The day was scorchingly hot, the sun high overhead in a cloudless sky, and he was pouring sweat inside the combat camo shirt he’d picked up at the Army surplus store along with the backpack. Not the smartest time to take a run, but Gideon kept telling himself it wasn’t as hot on the track as it would be in Afghanistan. It had been his stupid idea in the first place to enlist in the Army at age twenty-six, and he damn well wasn’t going to MEPS with a bunch of kids right out of high school without getting his body into better shape.

A few high school kids were running on the track with him. Or rather, passing him by, all long, sleek muscles beneath light-weight running shorts and tank tops designed to let skin breathe. At least none of them made fun of him as they zoomed past. One kid, a tall black boy who had the grace of a natural athlete, even ran next to Gideon for a few strides before he said “Semper Fi” and resumed his faster pace.

Gideon appreciated the sentiment, even if his chosen branch of the service was the Army, not the Marines.

He decided to stick it out for five miles, then take a break. Technically, he was within weight range for his height. He had no medical issues that would get him disqualified, temporarily or otherwise. He didn’t need to be out here for any other reason than his own pride, but that was enough to keep his feet pounding the track.

He was into mile four when another runner came up beside him. Gideon was running in the outside lane, taking his time. Most of the other runners on the track were using the inside lanes, but this guy paced alongside Gideon in the lane right next to his.

Gideon snuck a glance at the guy. Crew cut, muscular build, but not body-builder muscular, he was just little taller than Gideon and maybe about five years older. He was wearing a plain white tee-shirt and running shorts, and well-worn running shoes. He’d worked up a sweat, and the dog tags he wore around his neck were plainly visible through the damp, sheer fabric of his shirt.

“What company are you with, soldier?” the guy asked Gideon.

He wasn’t looking at Gideon, just staring at the track ahead.

“Haven’t been assigned yet, sir,” Gideon said, trying hard not to sound out of breath.

The guy glanced at Gideon, one eyebrow raised. “Huh,” he said, then he went back to looking at the track.

Gideon expected the guy to go back to his own run and leave Gideon behind, but the guy kept pacing him.

“When do you report?” he asked after they’d rounded the far end of the track.

His voice sounded annoyingly normal. Gideon was staring hard at the finish line a half lap away. That was his goal. Once he crossed the finish line this time, that would mark five miles, and he could quit running and shuck the damn pack off his back.


Active Duty is available in both electronic and paperback at Amazon as well as other retail outlets.   Enjoy!

New Release!


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Welcome to November, and to my newest release from Torquere Press!

One of my favorite editors, Vincent Diamond, invited me to be part of his latest anthology, Horsing Around. Sexy cowboys and their horses, how could I say no?

The entire anthology’s available for $6.99, or you can purchase my story, Old Scars, separately for $2.99. The anthology as well as my story will be available shortly at all the usual distributors, but it’s available right now at Torquere. Here’s an excerpt:

Parker’s stables sat on ten acres of desert real estate a few miles north of Reno. He boarded a few horses and gave riding lessons sometimes, but his real joy was working with wild mustangs rounded up by the BLM. A few of those wild horses were sent to the prison, where inmates with an aptitude and the right attitude were assigned to work with the horses under the supervision of professional trainers.

Jerry had been one of those inmates.

Parker had filled in as a trainer at the prison when Lyle Gibbons, the regular trainer and a long-time friend of Parker’s, broke his arm in two places and his collar bone when he took a bad spill at the Reno Rodeo. That’s where Parker had met Jerry. Parker’s substitute job had only lasted six weeks, and that had been five years ago. He hadn’t seen or heard from Jerry since.

Jerry grinned as Parker got close. “You looked good out there,” he said. “For an old man.”

Parker snorted. Jerry had always teased him about being an old man, not that Parker was really all that old. A lifetime spent on the back of a horse beneath the desert sun tended to lend more lines to a man’s face than the simple passage of time warranted.

Parker knew Jerry was pushing forty, which made him only ten years or so younger than Parker, but he didn’t look it. Even back when they first met, Parker had a feeling Jerry would always look like a kid.

The fact that Jerry had hair now threw Parker off a little. A lot of men Parker had seen in prison, Jerry included, wore their hair shorn close to the skull. This Jerry, the man who’d ditched his blue denim shirt for a black tee shirt, had brown hair the color of old leather cut medium length and combed forward with the hair at the front brushed up. Combined with Jerry’s infectious grin, the one with just a hint of an amused smirk that lurked at the corners of his mouth, the haircut made him look like a schoolyard rowdy.

The eyes, though. Jerry’s eyes were the most expressive damn things Parker had ever seen. Large and as blue as Lake Tahoe on a sunny summer day, Jerry’s eyes had been what drew Parker in, then and now.

Don’t fall for one of these guys, Lyle had told him the night before his first day at the prison. They’re cons, don’t you forget that. They’re good at using people. Just because they’re good with the horses don’t mean anything. They’re in prison because they did something that hurt somebody else. Remember that. Don’t let one of those bastards hurt you.

Parker had never asked Jerry what he did to land in prison, and Jerry had never volunteered. It didn’t matter. For months after Parker’s temp job at the prison was over, he still went to bed at night dreaming of Jerry’s eyes and imagining what ifs he told himself he’d never let come true.

And now here Jerry was, teasing him like no time at all had gone by. Well, two could play that game.

“They let you out for good behavior?” Parker asked. “The definition of ‘good’ must have changed some.”

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New Release!


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Boy, I really need to pay more attention to the old blog. *g*

Besides tidying up the place tonight (take a look at the Coming Soon! page for an exciting announcement), I have a new release to announce!

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Fever anthology edited by M. Rode. The entire collection’s available starting at $6.99, or you can buy my story Two Buckets and a Snakeskin Suit individually starting at $2.49.

Here’s an excerpt:

It took a minute, but he managed to push himself upright. Another cheer went up from the crowd. The last time Marcus had gotten a cheer just from sitting up had been when he played football in high school. He’d gotten his bell rung more than a few times trying to stretch a short gain into a touchdown. Come to think of it, back then he’d felt pretty much the way he did now. Only he hadn’t played football since before law school. So how had he gotten hurt?

Right about then, Marcus caught sight of a hairy leg.

A very tall, skinny, hairy leg that was entirely too close to him for Marcus’s liking.

Marcus tilted his head back, ignoring the throbbing at the back of his skull, and looked up. And kept looking up and up and up until the ugliest animal he’d ever seen in his life craned its long neck around and looked back at him with an annoyed but self-satisfied expression on its hairy face.

It all came back to Marcus in a rush.

“It’ll be fun,” his sister had said. “Look on it as an adventure.”

Right. He was going to kill her. That was all there was to it.

Marcus turned back to the good-looking cowboy and pointed at the world’s ugliest animal. “Did I really just try to ride a camel?” he asked.

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The old blog’s going through some changes. I decided the place needed a little spiffing up. How do you like the new header? The photo is by Francesco Cura at I’ve finally got a sexy guy up there on top, right where he belongs. 😉

I’ve also added a “Coming Soon” page. That’s the page to check for new releases. I have quite a few coming up in the next few months. Yes, I’ve been a busy bee, which is why my poor blog has been so neglected.

I’ll be adding more pages as I go, like a bibliography page and a story excerpts page, but for now it’s late. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about myself, it’s that lack of sleep and coding don’t mix.

See you soon!

New releases


I’ve got a couple of new releases to talk about.

The first is a brand new story in Neil Plakcy’s Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories.
My story’s entitled “Something to Remember You By.” Here’s a peek at the cover:

Pretty cool, right? *g*

The next release is actually a first-time e-pub release of my story “Fantasy Man” over at Torquere Books. For a description of the story and a sample, click on this link.

new year

Wow, 2010, who’d of thought?

Everybody survive the end of the naughts and the beginning of the 20’s in more or less one piece? I started the year out great – two short story acceptances in two days from two of my favorite editors. More details as things firm up, so to speak.

I’ll be spending a little time over the next week updating this site. Poor thing probably feels sorely neglected. My bad. But cold winter nights are great for lounging in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine, a plate of brie and crackers, soft music on the stereo… and a laptop, updating the website. 😉 See you guys soon.

New release


My latest book Comstock, a stand alone novella, is now available from Torquere Books. Here’s the link.

Here’s what reviewer Kiernan Kelly had to say about Comstock:

Reggie Grayson is an actor with the San Francisco Shakespeare Company, traveling to Virginia City for an engagement at Piper’s Opera House. The year is 1883, and stagecoach isn’t the safest mode of transportation, as Reggie finds out when the stage is robbed en route to Virginia City. The gentleman thief relieves Reggie of his keepsake pocket watch, as well as his coin purse.

In Virginia City, things take a turn for the better when Reggie discovers he has a secret admirer, and his stolen pocket watch reappears.

Aaron Michaels has written a fabulous period story set in the American West. Michaels’ exquisitely drawn settings and characters immediately place the reader squarely in the middle of Virginia City. From the rich and gilded upper class to the miners who toil in unspeakable conditions underground, the society of Virginia City at the time is deftly shown, as is life onstage for the troupe of actors.

Even more powerful is the love affair between Reggie and his newfound love, Cole. The reader feels not only the lovers’ trepidation, but also the strength of their respective characters as they keep to the shadows, always afraid of being found out, and struggle to overcome a hard truth that rises between them.

Comstock is an extraordinary historical tale, full of mystery and intrigue, and a love affair destined to live on after the last page is turned.

Comstock is available for $3.95US.